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Polyester conveyor belt is stuck together in sequence by many pieces of polyester sailcloth, which is covered by rubber and plastic owning good quality rubber cover up and down and good elasticity.
With the advantages of thin belt with light weight, high tensile strength, fatigue and wear resistance, erosion resistance of water/steam/chemical, good impact resistance, excellent groove formation ability, low elongation, good stability ever heated and long service life, it's the developing trend of fabric conveyor belt. It is mainly used in harsh condition of long distance, heavy-load, high-chemical corrosive etc, it is especially suitable for transporting in moist environment.

Besides General-used EP Belt, there are Fire-retardant
Type, Cold-resistant type, Wear-resistant type, Heat-
Resistant type, Acid and alkaline resistant type, Oil-
Resistant type, Antistatic electricity type, High-grade type
And etc.