Deep Bottom Steel Bucket

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Deep Bottom Steel Bucket Steel Elevator Bucket

Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel                                        
Features :                                        
• Deep bottom style to achieve the maximum individual capacity, while still maintaining the perfect fill and discharge characteristics of the original S type steel elevator bucket.                                         
• Monobloc pressed seamless construction. The Smooth inner and outer surface finish, assist with a cleaner discharge of products.                                         
• Well suited to high temperature applications, or where heavy products or sharp products are likely to be elevated.     
Using Recommendations :                                        
• Minimum bucket spacing: bucket projection “B” or “B”-20mm                                        
• For engineering purpose, we recommend use“(Z-Y) + 10% ” as usable capacity.                                         
• Special thickness is available on request.                       

Technical Specifications :                

• High impact, abrasion resistance, no-corrosion, smooth surface, FDA Food proved.                    
• Less weight, prolong service life of buckets and belts, reduce elevator consumption.                     
• A direct replacement for many other international brands.                     
• Unique elevator bucket design with multiple patents.                     
• Our elevator buckets are well regarded, worldwide for high cost /quality ratio.                    
Material HDPE Nylon 6 UHMWPE PU Mild Steel Stainless
Cost 1 3 3 4 2 4
Wear Resistance 1 2 3 4 3 4
Impact Resistance 1 2 2 2 2 2
FDA Food Approved Yes Yes Yes No No No
Max Temp튠Continuous 70 100 70 60 180+ 250+
Max Temp튠Peak 80 120 80 70 220 400

Remark : Code 1 = low  4 = high                                        
• HDPE : Tough and lexible, suitable for handling grains, foodstuffs, and other products with no sharp edges and material that has a bulk density of less than1g/cm³ .                                        
• Nylon : High impact and abrasion resistance, better heat resistance and are well suited for handling hot, abrasive and sticky products.                                        
• UHMWPE : Extremely abrasion resistance, corrosion resistant, impact absorbing properties, low temperature resistant, sanitary (FDA approved), Non-caking and sticking,                                         
now water absorption, light weight properties.Higher cost performance products.                                        
• PU : Extremely abrasion resistance, tough and lexible, and are suitable for handling sharp, cutting and sticky products.                                        
• Mild Steel : General purpose, long life, well suited to agricultural and industrial products.                                        
• Stainless Steel : Food grade, corrosive resistance, suitable for food and high temperature applications.                                        

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